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Love this, Grace, and excited to follow along with more of your writing here! I'm 35 so a little ahead of you but have felt many of these same things and have experienced the insecurity of diverging life experiences/expected milestones with my peer group. I love where your head is at! Keep fighting the good fight, sister! The Donald Miller quote gave me those ick vibes too- so important to resist that instrumentalist view of our value as human beings! Incidentally, for Christmas I gave my [vegetarian] sister 2 beautiful linen dish towels: one said "What excellent boiled potatoes" and the other "Many years since I've had such an exemplary vegetable." ;)

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Thanks for your comment here, Danielle! I am appreciative of your encouragement and thoughts here. And those linen dish towels sound like something I *must* have in my kitchen!

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